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 How to make your Character.

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How to make your Character. Empty
PostSubject: How to make your Character.   How to make your Character. EmptyThu Dec 29, 2011 3:13 am

So, you want to make a character, huh? Well the first thing you'll need is your character template:


Now that you have that template, let's go through some guidelines.
    All characters start out as Pokemon Trainers and then work to achieve their goal. Don't make a character that's already a Pokemon Doctor, what fun is that?
    Gym Leaders may not be created. They are elected by the members of the site.
    Legendary Pokemon are only owned by Pokemon Masters (Admin), Elite Four (Mods), and those selected to own one.
    If you would like to own a Legendary Pokemon, you must fit all of our criteria:
      • Be an active member of the site for at least a month
      • Reach at least 700 posts, following the six sentence rule.
      • Be a respected member of the community.
      • Show maturity out of character.
      • Be nice to other members.
    If you are able to meet these criteria, you will be considered as one of the future owners of a Legendary Pokemon. We the staff choose who owns them, you do not fill out applications or request one.
    Characters must be balanced in their creation. Don't make them perfect, but don't only give them flaws.

Well now that you have those rules and guidelines all read, it's time for you to make your character! Once you finish your character, create a "New Topic" here. Title the topic Guest's Characters and post that current character and all future characters in that topic. Once you have finished those steps, wait for an admin or mod to post the word "Accepted" in your topic before you roleplay. Once your character is accepted, you may begin your adventure and start your journey in the Isola Region!
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How to make your Character.
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