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Introduction OakHGSSIntro
"Hello! And welcome to the wonderful world of Pokemon! My name is Professor Oak and I will be your guide to beginning your journey into the world of pokemon! What is a Pokemon, you ask?
Introduction PinRS025
This is one Pokemon, one of my personal favorites. Its name is Pikachu. Some people consider Pokemon as pets, some dress them up for shows and contests, some battle with them, as for myself; I like to study them. Pokemon are wonderful creatures and they inhabit our wonderful earth and our region of Isola! There are thousands of Pokemon of all types, shapes and sizes we already know and thousands that are just waiting to be discovered. So that being said, let me explain to you a little bit about our region and the steps you should take to join us on the adventure!"

"First things first. Before we go any further, there are some important topics that you must read before you are able to move into our world of Pokemon. Make sure you read the Rules, make sure to look at the Map so you understand where you live, and make sure to look at the Isola Pokedex to familiarize yourself with the Pokemon you may encounter through your journey.

Next, let me tell you a little bit about the region of Isola. Our Region is small, consisting of only 16 towns, cities, and villages. Its climate is most tropical, since many of our towns are surrounded by water. There are some mountainous areas, a few desert-like parts, but mostly we have warm weather and trees. Lots of trees. My research laboratory is located in a place called "Aurora Town". There at my lab, is where you will start your journey.
Before you go off on adventures and capture and see as many pokemon as you can, you have to get your starter pokemon first. Here in the Isola Region, we offer six options for starter Pokemon:
Introduction Spr_5b_001Introduction Spr_5b_004Introduction Spr_5b_007
Introduction 152Introduction 155Introduction 158
One of these six pokemon will be your first partner that will accompany you on your journey and grow along side you. The hard part is choosing the right fit for you. Let me tell you a bit about each pokemon...

    (Going in order of appearance from left to right)
    Bulbasaur The Seed Pokemon;
    Bulbasaur is one of the more laid back options, come argue the easiest, starter pokemon to manage. It is a Grass and Poison type Pokemon that is very calm and understanding to new trainers.
    Charmander The Lizard Pokemon;
    Charmander, unlike its grassy counterpart Bulbasaur, has a very fiery personality. Most of its kind are strong willed and as determined as the owners that choose them. They will strive to do their best, but if they believe their owner does not fit their skill level, they have no problem disobeying orders. Charmander is a Fire type pokemon.
    Squirtle The Tiny Turtle Pokemon;
    Squirtles are not as hard as Charmanders, but not as laid back as Bulbasaurs. They can sometimes have an attitude towards trainers that they believe are not as strong as they could be. They get along will with other Pokemon and, for the most part, are understanding towards new trainers. They are a Water type pokemon.
    Chikorita The Leaf Pokemon;
    Chikorita, like other Grass types, is a very docile pokemon. It prefers to avoid confrontation if able to and prefers to take the defensive, rather that the offensive, side of things. Chikoritas are very empathetic pokemon. But they are also very emotional and can break down or get upset when misunderstood. Chikorita, as mentioned before, is a Grass type pokemon.
    Cyndaquil The Fire Mouse Pokemon;
    Unlike its fiery companion, Cyndaquil does not start out knowing its own strengths and weaknesses, therefore, they are rather timid pokemon. When relaxed, the flames on Cyndaquil's back remain extinguished. But if the pokemon is afraid or surprised, it ignites its flaming back as a source of protection. Cyndaquil is a fire type pokemon and, as it grows, becomes more and more determined as it learns its strengths and abilities.
    Totodile The Big Jaw Pokemon;
    Totodile are very high maintenance pokemon, but also some of the most loyal. They have a habit of biting anything they see, including their trainers. Totodile have a very playful and happy demeanor that's always good for a laugh. However, they can have quite the temper if provoked. Totodile is a Water type pokemon.

"So then, now that you've learned about your starter Pokemon, are you ready to begin your journey? Excellent! But before you do, I have just a few more steps for you to follow...
To create your character, in which you will roleplay and become throughout your adventures, you must visit this topic and follow the given instructions and character format.

Thank you and I hope to see you later in your journey! Good luck and catch as many Pokemon as you can!"
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