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 Balisugar's Characters (1 Needs Accepting)

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PostSubject: Balisugar's Characters (1 Needs Accepting)   Balisugar's Characters (1 Needs Accepting) EmptyThu Feb 23, 2012 7:04 am

Name: Melody Grand

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Starter Pokemon: Bulbasaur

Family: Sadly, Melody was a abandoned when she was a baby. A kind couple found her and raised her as if she was their own child. Melody didn't even realise she was adopted until they told her when she was 10. They told her because she would probably figure it out eventually since Melody looked nothing like her adoptive parents. Plus they were very truthful people. Never the less she grew up happily and left her home to travel because Melody has always wanted to have adventures and explore the world.

Main Focus: Pokemon Trainer

Brief History: Melody has a pretty normal life. Well, apart from being adopted. She didn't really mind that though. Her adoptive parents were great. She doesn't have any other siblings. Melody grew up on a Pokemon breeding 'farm'. She was constantly surrounded by pokemon and has loved them ever since she was a toddler. Melody never drew attention to herself on purpose. In her home town she had quite a few close friends. Plus some aquaintances who liked her because she was pretty. Lots of people liked her for that reason strangely enough. Melody left her town because she wanted to meet new people etc.

Physical Appearance: Melody, in short, is beautiful. But she hates it. It draws attention to her. Anyway, she has long glossy pitch black hair. It falls to the bottom of her ribs and is wavy. Parts of it start to form loose ringlets and other parts are just wavy. Somehow these things combine to make a very nice hairdo. Her eyebrows are of average thickness and arch slightly. Not so much that it looks like she's always raising her eyebrows. They only arch a bit. Melody's eyes are a deep blue dotted with silver flecks. They give the impression of the night sky. Melody's eyelashes are quite long and so are her fingers and toes. Melody's legs are pretty long, which contributes to her fairly tallish height. Her skin is fairly pale, but it has a very light tan. Melody's teeth are even and straight and white. They're kind of unnaturally white.

Personality: Melody is generally a quiet girl. The majority of people label her as sweet, but shy. They are actually only half right. They are right in thinking that Melody is quiet and sweet. She also hates attracting crowds and prefers to stay in the background a bit. Unfortunately, because of her beauty, most people always stare at her anyway. Once you break Melody's outer shell you will find that she's actually bubbly and very caring. Once she makes a friend Melody keeps her/him close. She treasures all her true friends. When Melody is insulted or offended she won't speak much and ignore the person she dislikes. Basically she just withdraws into her shell and doesn't come out until that offendor is gone. Melody can be very determined and she is quite sensible.

Active Team:






Hometown: Yaner Town


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Balisugar's Characters (1 Needs Accepting)
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