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 The Isola Region Map

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PostSubject: The Isola Region Map   Wed Dec 28, 2011 11:01 pm

"This is your home region, The Isola Region. This map shows our water surrounded home as well as all of the major towns within it.This map is open to you at all times for your traveling or navigating needs. Each major city, forest, cave, or landmark has a circle marking its location. Each circle has a different color to make reading the map easier.

Key: (traveling from left to right by column and the from top to bottom through column.)
    Blue: End Town
    Red: Platinum City
    Orange: Pokemon League
    Aqua: Arius City
    Olive: City of the Isle
    Teal: Aurora Town
    Green: Altonius Village
    Purple: Pearl City
    Light Pink: Cristel Town
    Gray: Delrado City
    Magenta: Port Town
    Yellow: Illez City
    Lilac: Yaner Town
    Maroon: Didales City
    Navy: Rennan Town
    Black: Eashon Village
    Seafoam: Ebs City
    Silver: Isola Forest

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The Isola Region Map
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