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 Rachie's Character.

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Rachie's Character. Empty
PostSubject: Rachie's Character.   Rachie's Character. EmptySun Jan 01, 2012 9:24 pm

Rachie's Character. Bowgir11

[Pokemon Trainer; Beginner]

"My name is Aurora Midna Mason. Call me Midna though, Aurora is too girly for my liking."

"Female. Obviously."

"I'm sixteen, turning seventeen on September twenty-first."

Starter Pokemon:
"Charmander. I've adored him every since I've first laid eyes on him."
Rachie's Character. Spr_5b_004

"My mother's name was Jennifer Mason. She had a few Pokemon. She had Jigglypuff, Furret, Togepi, and Cleffa. She was a trainer in her younger days, but then became a Pokemon Doctor. She loves it now more than ever. I watched her take care of them through my life and the love and care she gives the sick Pokemon amazes me. My mom is such a kind person, and I love her to death.

"My sister's name is Sadie Mason. She's 5 years older than I am, making her twenty-one. She's a pretty good trainer. Sadie picks on me a lot, but isn't that what sisters do? Oh well, it's not like it bothered me. Whenever she gets the time, she takes me out to Isola forest and shows me different Pokemon."

Main Focus:
"I'm a Pokemon trainer. I just started."

Brief History:
"Well, I was born on September twenty-first in the year 1995 to Jennifer Mason and Joseph Mason. I was the second child, the first was Sadie Mason. She was born in 1990, five years before me. We lived in Eashon Villiage until I was around ten. My father went out one day and never came back. It was said he didn't want to be with my mother anymore, but my mother believed he died. I beileve the sad truth, about him leaving me, my sister, and my mother. We needed him. He was our support for our family. But he just up and left. I was too young to understand then, but the thought now infuriates me.

"After my father 'died', we moved to Platinum City. My mother got a job as a Pokemon Doctor, since she had experience with Pokemon in her younger days. I went to work with her a lot, because my sister was out becoming a Pokemon Trainer. My mother would tell me all about the Pokemon she took care of. She would let me help take care of them. There must've been some look on my face everytime I saw a new Pokemon because she always smiled at me. She always told me I was 'destined for greatness.' Sometimes I believed her. Other times, I blew it off.

"When I turned fourteen, my sister Sadie began taking me to Isola forest, to train me and introduce me more to Pokemon. I knew quite a lot already, because of my mother. But because my dream was to be a trainer, she said I needed all the knowledge I could get. And my knowledge exceeded quickly. When we went to pick my starter Pokemon, one caught my eye and I knew I wanted it. Charmander. I've only seen this particular Pokemon one other time, and I wanted him badly. And he seemed to enjoy my company as much as I enjoyed his."

Physical Appearance:
"Uh, I'm not very good at describing, so I'll give it my best shot.
My hair is either a dirty/sandy blonde, or a very light shade of red. I have no idea, you can decide for yourself. It's long and semi-wavy, mostly straight. My fringe is straight across and ends right above my eyes. Speaking of my eyes, they're big and a emerald green colour. My eyes lashes are crazy long, so there's no need for mascara. My skin is usually blemish-free, and it's kind of a pale colour if you ask me. I'm around 5'5, average sized. I guess I would say I'm on the slimmer side of the scale, but you can be the judge of that."

"I'm actually quite a shy person. I'm only talkative right now because.. you know.. I'm being questioned.. But besides this, I don't talk much. I'm on the weird side too. I don't really care of what other people think of me. If you think I'm weird, fine. I could care less. I'm a fun person to be around, you're just missing out, my good friend. I'm out going and crazy when I want to be. I don't have very much friends, my shyness holds me back. I'm trying to work on that."

Active Team:
"My mom gave my sister her Pokemon, but then my sister handed some down to me, along with my Charmander. She gave me Furret, Togepi, and a Pokemon she captured just to give it to me, Igglybuff."
Rachie's Character. Spr_5b_004 Rachie's Character. 162 Rachie's Character. 175 Rachie's Character. 174

"Eashon Village."

Play-by is Lane F. This will probably be my only character, but we'll see.
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Rachie's Character. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rachie's Character.   Rachie's Character. EmptyMon Jan 02, 2012 12:09 am

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Rachie's Character.
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