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 Nico's One and Only

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PostSubject: Nico's One and Only   Nico's One and Only EmptySun Jan 01, 2012 6:46 am

Nico's One and Only Dak2
Melanie Elizabeth Sanderson [Pokemon Trainer; Beginner.]

    "Melanie Elizabeth Sanderson, the first."

    "I'm a girl, smart one. Surprise you? Girls can be just as tough as guys, you know!"

    "16 years exactly. My birthday was a couple of hours ago, actually. January 31st."

Starter Pokemon:
    "I only had a couple choices, okay? And this one seemed to like me . . ."
    Nico's One and Only Spr_5b_007

    "My mom's name is Whitney Sanderson. She raised me to believe it's a man's world, but luckily I always thought differently. Mom split from Tori a couple of years ago, and since she moved out of the Isola Region, and I wanted to stay with Tori, we haven't talked in a while. She didn't call me on my birthday. Her Pokemon was kind of rare, I suppose. Somehow she managed to own a Houndoom. He was feisty. I wouldn't poke either of them with a stick. They're both quick.
    "My dad's name is Tori Sanderson. Now, I know what you're thinking. 'Tori's a girl's name!' That's true, but I could say Max is a boy's name, or maybe Sam is a boy's name, too! I call my dad by his first name because of how loose our relationship is, and it's a sign of respect, not disrespect. Anyway, Tori is a big collector, but he's very protective of me. He wouldn't let me start training until I reached my 16th birthday, which came and went. I thought I might get to pick from one of his special Pokemon, since he even has a Mew, but I wasn't so lucky. Tori's good at getting what he wants. I like that about him. I take after my dad in most respects. Especially the fact that we can almost sense Pokemon. I'm a Pokemon person. They tend to like me more often than not, but with Tori, it's multiplied times ten. It's fun to watch him interact with them. He always knows what he's doing. I feel safe around him."

Main Focus:
    "I'm going to be a Trainer, but I just started. My dad's a collector. Once I get old, I'll probably be a collector like him, but I'm young, right? I'm healthy. I'm fit! I'm a trainer at heart, my friend."

Brief History:
    "Now you listen, and you listen good. My past isn't exactly thrilling, but I'm going to try and tell it in the mos exciting way possible. Don't get bored. Stick with me. Now, are you sure you want to hear about my past? All that matters is my present. Yes? Well here it goes . . .

    "I was born on January 31st to Whitney and Tori Sanderson, two lively collectors with distinctively different points of view. Tori, my dad, always thought that Pokemon were slightly more advanced than people. He figured that, given enough time, they might try and dominate. My mother, Whitney, thought that Pokemon were bellow her and viewed them as helpful little pets. Once I was born, my mother saw me as another one of her pets. I wasn't allowed to go to school, either, so for as long as I can remember, Tori home schooled me. Being surrounded by Pokemon all day didn't give me much of a choice as to what I wanted to do with my life.

    "The earliest dramatic thing that ever happened to me was when I was 6 years old. My dad's newest Pokemon, Mankey, was untrained and still slightly rogue. I was playing outside with some of my empty and broken pokeballs, while my favorite Pokemon, Growlithe, was nibbling on the bottom of my jacket, which had me distracted. The new Pokemon jumped onto my head. The next thing I knew, I was being pulled inside by Mom while Tori caught Mankey in one of his pokeballs. I never saw the Mankey again. I'm pretty sure he went to live with a more experienced collector with no family and plenty of time. Who cares, though? All that mattered was that he was actually gone, and I could play again.

    "I sped through another 6 years of my life. Nothing exciting happened. Nothing exciting ever really happened. Growlithe never became Arcanine like my mother wanted, which angered her. Growlithe was supposed to be her great success, and when it didn't work out for her, she began to rethink what was really going on with her marriage. She and Tori got into pretty frequent fights about my little Growlithe, which eventually led her to me. She forced me to make a choice. We could trade Growlithe for an Arcanine, or we could split our ways. I never liked my mom anyway. It wasn't a hard decision to make. This choice really made my mom angry. She left us, taking with her only one Pokemon, her new prize, Houndoom. He had evolved. He was allowed to be seen with her. If only Whitney had known about a fire stone. Then maybe Growlithe could have evolved into a bigger opponent.

    "Tori was upset about loosing his wife. I tried to comfort him, but I just couldn't understand his pain well enough. Mom had always been a bit bratty, anyway. Take that off of record, okay? I don't want her reading this. I missed her, too. She wasn't there for me on my special days. Even after 4 years, I could find myself feeling hopeful. Maybe she'll call this time! Maybe I'll see Houndoom trotting up the hill, followed by a woman that will always look young carrying a single bag. Maybe she'll have even bought me my own Pokemon to make up for the amount of family time she missed. Maybe she still thinks about us. I know my mom, though. She isn't like me, but that doesn't mean I know her any less. Mom wasn't thinking about us. Most likely, she had found herself a new family away from the Isola Region.

    "Tori made me a promise the day Mom left. On my 16th birthday, in four years, I could start training. Well, once my 16th birthday came, Tori took me to pick out my starting Pokemon. I thought I might be allowed to be an exception and train with Growlithe. No. I had the option of 6 little basics. I didn't have much option. Squirtle seemed to kind of like me, anyway. So of course I picked him. Squirtle the Squirtle was my very own, and it felt the most official when I was handed a brand new Pokeball and a Pokedex. I've only had him for a couple hours, but he's easy enough to get along with, and he does what I tell him to do. When I got home, though, I found a bigger surprise. Tori has never owned one of the Pichu evolutions, so when I found a Pichu sleeping in my bed, I knew he was mine. He was also next to 9 real Pokeballs, and a note from Tori reading 'To Mel', so I guess I'm just a little bit of a Sherlock Holmes. But Pichu and Squirtle are an interesting starting team. I'll keep you posted if anything else happens.

    "Told you my life's boring. I hoped you didn't read all of that. My journey isn't something that really matters. Like I said, all that matters is what I'm doing now, which, I guess, is answering questions . . ."

Physical Appearance:
    "What do I look like? I'll start with the basics. My hair is blonde, my eyes are green, and my skin is pale. Just from saying that you probably think you can see me. I'm not just a voice to you anymore! Wrong. I'm not your typical pale blonde. My hair is almost always braided to either side of my head, rolling down my shoulder and stopping just above my chest. It's thick volume and messy tendency make it nearly impossible to manage. Some days, I give up and do nothing to my hair. Bed head isn't an uncommon look on me. Wind doesn't take kindly to my blonde locks, which means the slightest breeze leads to either an angry braid or a messy frizz. Hats can help. I try and wear baseball caps over my braid whenever possible, because it keeps everything tame, but sometimes hates aren't an option, and I must improvise. My favorite hat is a gray baseball cap with a purple racing stripe down the middle!

    "My eyes are averagely sized, but they look large because of my long blonde eyelashes. Like emerald, the metal that doesn't seem to have an effect on Tori's Pokemon, my eyes are clear and green. When they catch the light they glisten and reflect colors like a mirror. If someone would want to look into my eyes, that person would see their reflection gazing back at them. You see, my eyes are very watery, as well, because I never cry, and that leaves a lot of moisture in my 'orbs.' My eyes always appear very focused, and they see quite well for a girl without glasses. They haven't really failed me yet, except for when I'm distracted and my vision becomes slightly blurred.

    "My skin, as I mentioned before, is pale and frail looking, though it holds up rather well, because I've been known to take a punch from some hot tempered Pokemon. I bleed easily, but for some reason, my skin mends itself quickly. I don't have to worry about bruises or scrapes for long. My cheeks are covered in small brown freckles that almost blend together. Nothing on my skin is very sharp, except for the way it tightens around my almost non-existent cheekbones.

    "My athletic ability isn't to be questioned. I'm fast, and I can fight for myself. If you want to take me on, you can try me, but I don't know if I will stay and defend myself or run. My legs are long, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm still a little short. Is 5'4" short for a 16 year old? I'm shorter than the other kids I see walking around, so I'll just think so. My arms are skinny, even though when I flex, there is some strength in them. I have careful and calloused hands from playing outside so often, and whenever I wipe of my brow, I smear dirt or mud onto my face. That might sound gross, but I'm almost always working with Tori's Pokemon. Now my time will probably be consumed by Squirtle.

    "You asked, so sorry if I wasn't as narcissistic as you're used to. I'm not going to make myself sound better than I really am. Did you expect me to call myself beautiful? Or gorgeous? I suppose I'm pretty, or just cute. The camera likes me, that's for sure, but that doesn't mean much. I am who I am, right? And that person is Melanie Sanderson, not some sort of beauty queen. It's not like I'm ever going to settle down, right? Love's for suckers."

    "What am I like, you may ask. Actually, you did ask. I don't really know my own personality well, but I can try to tell you all I know. Mainly, I'm a strong and independent person. I don't believe guys are better than girls just because they're, you know, guys. I don't like dealing with the weak because I always feel a need to look after them. If I'm blessed with being fortunate and healthy, I should obviously help the others who can't help themselves.

    "I lead, and if you can't understand this, don't bother talking to me. I'm in control of myself, and I refuse to take orders from someone else. (Yeah, basically I would be a horrible Pokemon, but that's why I'm the trainer.) I don't do well in large crowds, either, which is a strange quality since I don't take orders. I'm better off being on my own, working as a team of one. I don't have to worry about being in charge or not, and I have no one to care for. If I am around people and working well with them, it's for good reason. I think I get this from my dad, who taught me that I should be able to rely on myself in every possible situation, in case I'm the only one in a dangerous desertion. I don't know why Tori was worrying about this type of scenario, but he is obviously trying to brief me for the possible future.

    "Life on the road isn't the life for me. I'm not nomadic and change can make me sick. And not just grossed out sick. Sick-to-my-stomach sick. I like taking risks and being my own person, but this doesn't often have to call for change or moving or even distance. I'm alright with putting up with something until it gives up, because I'm certainly not ever the first person to give in. I can hold out for a long period of time, and I can deal with being uncomfortable.

    "Love is confusing. I never understood it, nor do I now. I don't want a boyfriend. I never want a boyfriend. I never want a family life with anyone but Tori, and Whitney if she comes back. If I successfully follow my dream, I'll be too busy taking care of Pokemon to settle down and start a family. My Pokemon will be my life in just a couple short years. When I get past my prime, I hope to transform my yard into a Pokemon sanctuary, and my house into a visitor's center/gift shop. Do you see any opportunity for a love intereset to settle into my life there? No. Don't bring it back up again. I'm not interested in anyone. I'm not going to foolishly get my heart broken by a stupid guy like Tori allowed my mother to do to him. I'm smart and extremely witty, more than averagely so, and I know better. I get my smarts from my mom. She knew when to leave. She's smart in ways I can hope to someday be, though I would never break a boy's heart. There will never be an option for me to get a hold of someone's heart. I'm not the type of person that put's myself out there. I'm the loner type, and I am good at remaining unnoticed, occasionally quiet, and attentive. Love is like a ship. It sails away someday, because though it can be tied to the pier for a while, it can't forever. Someday, you must set the thing you love free. I won't have to set anything free, unless a Pokemon goes haywire. I'm probably taking the easy way out by choosing to go free.

    "Is that the kind of thing most people say about their personality? Did I mention I'm very timid and shy around strangers? Or what about--"

Active Team:
    Nico's One and Only Spr_5b_007Nico's One and Only 172

    "I was born and raised in Altonious Village. Even when my mother left the small town, I stayed with Tori here. It's the only place I've ever lived, but I'm looking forward to traveling as a trainer. There aren't many people here. I feel isolated, and it's gets lonely."

    Her play-by is Dakota Fanning, and hopefully Melanie is my only character so I can spend time developing her.

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PostSubject: Re: Nico's One and Only   Nico's One and Only EmptySun Jan 01, 2012 4:31 pm

Melanie's Team (Active and Inactive)

    Nico's One and Only Spr_5b_007Nico's One and Only Spr_b_5b_007 Pichu
    Nico's One and Only 172Nico's One and Only 172 Growlithe
    Nico's One and Only Spr_5b_058Nico's One and Only Spr_b_5b_058

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